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A sincere thank you to our patrons who provided their honest feedback on the CPAP masks. Your reviews and feedback truly help others to make informed decisions. We can all agree online shopping poses some challenges - the biggest one is the inability to try a mask for sizing. 

The team here at has compiled a list of best of best thus far for 2019! Read our Top-10 list of best selling CPAP masks with their average star rating out of 5 by verified buyers. The goal is to help customers make informed decisions about products they're looking at purchasing. We'd like to remind everyone that fit, size, comfort and wear-ability are subjective to each individual person. 

Our best of the best top rated list is below starting with #10.. Make your way down the list to see what the current #1 selling CPAP masks for 2019 is!

Top CPAP Masks Of 2019: As Voted By You

#10: Dreamwear Full Face by Philips Respironics 

Score: 4.5/5


A new addition to the Dreamwear family, the Dreamwear Full Face by Philips Respironics offers an innovative, comfortable design and more freedom of movement. Its ability to easily adapt to a wide range of sleeping positions has been a plus for many CPAP mask users. 

#9: Mirage Activa™ LT by ResMed

Score: 5/5


If you hate fussing with your CPAP mask every night, then the Mirage Activa™ LT by ResMed was made for you. Comfortable, easy-fit and 100% hassle-free this is the perfect mask for restless sleepers.

#8: AirFit™ F10 by ResMed

Score: 4.9/5

This ResMed CPAP mask offers the same level of comfort and reliability that this brand has become known for. The AirFit™ F10 offers a new, improved slimmed-down design that has delighted many of its users.

#7: Dreamwear Gel by ResMed

Score: 4.7/5

At 7th place on the top best selling CPAP masks for 2019 list is the Dreamwear Gel by ResMed

This fit pack mask has a remarkable design that aims to make sleep as comfortable as possible for patients. Users of this mask can sleep in every position imaginable thanks to the clever positioning of the mask’s tubing.

#6: Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask by ResMed

Score: 4.7/5

Want whisper-quiet performance? Then the Mirage Quattro™ Full Face mask is a great option. Considered as the industry standard for sleep apnea masks, ResMed has come out on top again with this streamlined designed mask. Easy to use and comfortable...a winning combination.

#5: Wisp Nasal Mask by Philips Respironics 

Score: 5/5

The Wisp mask by Philips Respironics delivers the performance and comfort that you deserve. This leading mask offers an elegant aesthetic design of a pillow mask while providing the high-quality performance of a nasal mask. No surprise why you rated this mask a 5 out of 5.

#4: AirFit™ N20 by ResMed

Score: 3.9

The AirFit™N20 by ResMed is one of the brand’s most adaptive mask designs to date. It comfortably moves with you while you sleep and features InfinitySeal™ cushion technology providing you with a reliable seal all night.

#3: AirFit™ F30 by ResMed

Score: 3.9

The third best selling mask of 2019 is the AirFit™ F30 by ResMed. This minimal- contact, full face CPAP mask reduces irritation, noise and red marks thanks to its modern design. Designed to cover less of your face, many patients are loving the comfort this mask provides.

#2: AirFit™ N30i by ResMed

Score: 4.6

ResMed’s first tube-up nasal cradle mask makes starting CPAP therapy easy. It features a QuickFit elastic headgear that easily slips on and adjusts to different profiles providing the first-time fit straight out of the package. It’s curved nasal cradle cushion allows for a stable, comfortable seal throughout the night.

#1: AirFit™ P10 by ResMed

Score: 4.7

The AirFit™ P10 by ResMed is the number 1 best selling CPAP mask of 2019 as voted by you. As CPAP masks go, this is undeniably ResMed’s quietest mask to date. Offering premium comfort, this mask provides ease of use without compromising on stability. The mask is equipped with a dual-wall nasal pillow and innovative Flexi-tube design. The AirFit™ P10 will give you unobtrusive, comfortable sleep.

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