Regularly cleaning and replacing your sleep therapy supplies is critical to long-term success.  Studies have shown CPAP users who regularly replace and update their masks and other accessories remain more compliant, comfortable, and satisfied with their therapy.  Additionally, regular replacement reduces risks associated with fungal and bacterial growth within the masks and accessories.

Are you a CPAP user who regularly replaces your supplies? Or are you a CPAP user who often forgets and wastes your insurance benefits? With our MySupply Program, you will no longer have to worry about reordering your daily-use supplies. Tell us what you need (masks, tubing, filters, etc.…) and we will do the leg work and deliver when the time comes. How is that simple and convenient?

How It Works

Step 1: Join MySupply Program by signing up online. See example here.
Step 2: Set your replenishment cycle to every 6 months or 12 months
Step 3: Wait for your supplies to arrive at the door! 

An email reminder informs you a few days before the automatic order is processed. Modifications are easy! Adding to your order or skipping a cycle can be done at any time. Invoices for all orders will be supplied for insurance reimbursement.


Get Loyalty Rewards

Who does not love free stuff? As a valued member of our MySupply Loyalty Program, every re-supply order will include a free container of CPAP cleansing wipes and complimentary shipping for MySupply Orders over $99.

Our re-supply platform ensures our patients receive the accessories require for successful therapy at a proper and optimal interval.  Join now, there is so much to gain for being loyal!

Sizing Guide For Select CPAP Masks

Select CPAP Masks have sizing guide to help you select a size. 

Click on the mask name below to view, print and measure with their size guide.

Other masks are packaged as fitpacks with all size cushions included and do not have size guides available. 

Nasal Masks

Full Face Masks

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