Expert Tips For Combating CPAP Mask Nasal Dryness

avril 27, 2020

Expert Tips For Combating CPAP Mask Nasal Dryness

Nasal Dryness With CPAP: Why It Happens

CPAP nasal dryness can happen. Like with all things, you might come up against some bumps in the road on your journey to better sleep. But, that doesn’t mean that your CPAP therapy isn’t working or that you should give up. All that’s needed is a little bit of adjustment. 

What exactly is CPAP nasal dryness and why does it happen? The nasal passageway is extremely vascular and for this reason, this can dry out more easily. In order for our nose to stay in optimal condition, it is important that we keep an adequate level of humidity. As CPAP therapy involves a flow of cold dry air, it can be hard for our nasal passages to maintain warmth and moisture levels leading to dryness and rebound congestion.

If you experience this, we know how uncomfortable it can be. But the good news is that there are ways that you can reduce this problem from happening and tips to alleviate symptoms. 


Tips And Tricks To Fix This CPAP Mask Problem 

Remember, there is no problem with your CPAP mask or machine that can’t be overcome with a little bit of advice and help. We always get asked for our advice on how to resolve CPAP dry nose from Sleep Apnea patients. That’s why we want to share our top expert tips and tricks with you so that you can give them a try at home today. 

Use A Heated Humidifier

It may be worth considering using a heated humidifier to try and relieve some of your CPAP mask problems. Your CPAP machine will more than likely have a humidifier already attached to it when it was purchased. If you’re experiencing nasal dryness, turning on the humidifier and heated hose function, if you have it, can be beneficial. 

The reason why humidifiers are recommended with the use of CPAP machines is that they supply the right amount of humidity to the airflow that you receive especially when your nose isn’t capable of maintaining its humidity levels. The higher you turn up the heat on humidifiers, the more moisture that you’ll be supplied with. 

Using a humidifier on a regular basis can decrease any discomfort that you experience while ensuring that you receive the benefits of CPAP therapy. 

Make Sure The Mask Fits Correctly 

One reason why you might be experiencing CPAP mask nasal dryness is if the mask isn’t fitting correctly. If your mask is too big or has parts such as a strap that needs to be replaced, it can cause your mask to leak. There are two types of mask leaks that you might experience: a seal leak or a mouth leak. If you notice a hissing sound or wake up feeling like your Sleep Apnea symptoms aren’t being relieved at night, this could be a sign that your mask isn’t fitting properly. 

So, what can you do to fix this and improve nasal dryness? If you suspect that your mask isn’t fitting properly, it is essential that you speak with your CPAP vendor or sleep specialist to talk about why this might be happening and whether your mask needs to be replaced. 

When CPAP masks fit properly, they ensure the successful delivery of your prescribed airway pressure straight through the mask to your nasal passages with no leaks and minimized risk of having a dry nose.

Use Non-Petroleum Based Moisturizers

Using a non-petroleum moisturizer or jelly can be extremely beneficial in helping to restore the moisture levels in your nose. If you find that nasal dryness is becoming an issue with CPAP therapy, put a small dab of non-petroleum moisturizer to the lining inside of your nose using your finger. Doing this before going to bed and upon waking up can alleviate symptoms of a dry nose. 


Comfortable CPAP Therapy: It’s Possible 

Yes, it is possible that you will experience one or more problems with either your CPAP mask or a machine while receiving Sleep Apnea therapy. That is unavoidable. But each problem can be easily solved. If nasal dryness has been causing you some discomfort, try out the expert tips that we outlined below. 

If you are a CPAP user and have a recommendation on what cured your dry nose, let us know. We love hearing from customers about which tips they always turn to! Want to learn more about how you can fix other problems? Check out our post on the most common CPAP problems and how to fix them.

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