Philips Nouveau DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP avancé-Ce que nous pensons de la refonte

octobre 18, 2021

Philips Nouveau DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP avancé-Ce que nous pensons de la refonte

Our jaws dropped when the Canadian launch of DreamStation 2 was pushed back indefinitely. Philips announced on June 14th, 2021, a recall notification for millions of affected devices that sent the world into a whirlwind. With the delay of the release however, allowed our team to take time to learn what DreamStation 2 is all about. Let's dive right in.


Philips designed DreamStation 2 to be 22% smaller and 32.5% lighter than the original DreamStation. Weighing in at only 2.26lbs, this device is lighter than the original. 


DreamStation 2 went from light to dark. Looking chic and stylish, it features a black shiny top with matte galaxy gray sides and a built-in humidifier. Noticeably missing is the large click wheel in the front and the ramp button on top. Both have been replaced by a single round power button on top of the device under the newly relocated colour touchscreen.


    DreamStation 2's humidification seamlessly attaches with the rest of the device. Although it comes apart in various pieces, you cannot actually disconnect the entire humidifier and use main unit independently. Unlike it's predecessor, you can only turn the humidifier off if you choose not to use it.


    The light 12mm Micro-Flexible Heated Tubing is designed exclusively for use with DreamStation 2 series and it's Philips most comfortable tubing yet!  This tubing is not standard and is considered an upgraded option for your DS2. The swivel hose connection on the original DreamStation has been eliminated and relocated to the back of the device with a static hose connection.


    Not easily accessible, you must remove the humidifier to access the device's 2 filters and SD slot. 


    Philips has streamlined their menu system for a quick and efficient setup. You can use it on default settings or customize accordingly with their Care Orchestrator. Users can also track their own sleep report with improved Bluetooth connectivity on Philips DreamMapper app.


    The all new Ramp Plus feature allows patients to set a comfortable starting pressure. Once set, Ramp Plus will be automatically activated for future therapy sessions. Pressure will increase automatically if an event is detected.


    We had high expectations for it considering how much we loved the performance, reliability and usability of the original DreamStation. No doubt, DreamStation 2 is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. After weeks of testing it, here's our con list of the new design elements:

    • The relocation of the screen from the front of the machine to the top may require you to get out of bed if you need to make adjustments on your machine at night.
    • The touch screen is small.  If you have chubby fingers, bad eyes or just simply clumsy like us, you may find the screen sticky or unresponsive at times.
    • Although the device is lighter, it feels inferior to the touch compared to DreamStation. The humidifier lid is detachable, it latches on ever so slightly and can be annoying and cumbersome at times falling all over the place if you don't insert it properly.
    • The ability to fully detach the humidifier from the main unit and use it independently was one of the best features of the original DreamStation. It feels inefficient and dare we say backwards and scratching our heads on why they would take that feature away.
    • Moving along, we are also sad to see the useful swivel hose connection go. It allowed for easily access. mobility and we find this static connection also a backwards move.


    Overall, DreamStation 2 is an excellent device. It's easy to use, quite, provides reliable therapy and has all the functions you need all while looking amazing at the same time. However, after 6+ years since the original DreamStation, we thought Philips would cook up something revolutionary and blow our socks off. Was this a missed opportunity for something really amazing? Are our expectations too high? We don't know. What we do know is that these little design flaws can make it difficult for certain populations of Apnea users to get use to. We are eager to hear what end users think.

    For all the loyal Respironic fans out there who think we are nitpicking a little too much, be notified when DreamStation 2 launches by signing up to the waitlist.

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