Nos réflexions sur AirFit™Coussin Redesigned N30i

août 17, 2022

Nos réflexions sur AirFit™Coussin Redesigned N30i

The Original AirFit™ N30i Cradle Mask

Back in 2019, ResMed introduced their first nasal cradle mask, the AirFit N30i.  It was modern, lightweight, and promised to comfort while reducing irritation to the nose. They achieved this with a unique cradle cushion design, that sat under the nose supplying an unobstructed, consistent seal around both nostrils.  The N30i also featured a top-of-the-head tube design – allowing you to move around without tugging on the tube.  The accordion-style SpringFit frame allowed for flexibility and adjusts to different head shapes and sizes.   All told, it was a reliable and comfortable nasal mask.    So why did they change it?
AirFit N30i

New AirFit™ N30i Cushion: Soft & Flexible 

In 2021, ResMed surprised us all and revamped their AirFit N30i cushion. They made practical changes, like getting rid of the rigid plastic panel across the front of the cushion, which could dig into side sleepers' faces. They added a new flexible chassis - a much softer silicone cushion frame that is now collapsible and allows for a greater seal.  That means no more hard plastic resting your upper lip.

 AirFit N30i Cushion

QuietAir Vent Technology 

The upgraded N30i cushion was also outfitted with a clever exhalation port. The original vent holes on the front of the nasal piece were replaced by what ResMed calls QuietAir™ Vent Technology. This advance diffuser reduced noise by more than half, bringing the mask’s noise output down to just 21 decibels (about the same as some rustling leaves and 10 decibels quieter than a whisper).  This new diffuser also reduced the feel of the exhalation air for your bed partner. The introduction of this ultramodern diffuser meant it is now a removable and replaceable piece, making the mask much more pleasant to wear.  

AirFit N30i

Our Thoughts 

Our in-house testers love this redesign.  In our opinion, the AirFit N30i’s original cushion couldn’t compete with the Philips Dreamwear. (See our comparison on that here) but it does now.  The AirFit N30i was well thought out with some incredible improvements, for example, the stretchy, accordion-like SpringFit frame supplies excellent comfort and ease of sizing for inexperienced users. However, the hard panel across the front of the cushion and the lack of flexibility was simply not comfortable enough for our patients to wear throughout the night. 

Customer Feedback

Feedback from our customers has been mostly positive.  Many are applauding the substantial comfort the new chassis brings and the quiet diffuser is a nice bonus.  But others have found the new softer, flexible cushion increases risk of air leakage from the mask and some say readjustments are needed through the night. 

Shop for Original & New N30i Cushions

The N30i is now officially one of our best sellers.  Are you currently using the original N30i?  Interested in trying the new cushion?   The redesigned N30i cushion can be bought a la carte and easily snaps into your current N30i frame in seconds.  Love the earlier version?  Many of you do. Stock up on the original N30i cushions before they're gone for good. 

This new cushion has revamped the entire AirFit N30i mask system. It has raised the bar for all other cradle CPAP masks to come. Have experience with the AirFit N30i Cradle Mask? If so, let us know what your thoughts about it in the comments section.  We’d love to hear what you think. 

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