Don't Let Sleep Apnea Keep You From Traveling The World (Part 2)

août 17, 2018

Don't Let Sleep Apnea Keep You From Traveling The World (Part 2)

If you read our previous blog on the AirMini™ then welcome to part 2 of that discussion!  For those of you who didn't: in a nutshell, we highlighted the AirMini™ travel-specific unit and listed some of the accessories and add-ons we found to be the most impressive. The goal is to help savvy customers like yourself customized a travel unit to best fit your adventurous needs.

Next up on the list, (also the last) quickly became a bestseller in the travel category - the Dreamstation Go Auto CPAP. Continue reading to learn more on which accessories are worth buying and which ones to pass on.  

Dreamstation Go

A relatively new release, the Dreamstation Go by Philips Respironics made its way onto the Canadian market (and into our hearts), spring of 2018. It was designed to be a direct competitor to the beloved and highly buzzed about AirMini™. The Dreamstation Go is a small, sleek and compact, but don't be fooled by appearances:  it weighs more than it looks.

Notable differences between the Dreamstation Go and the AirMini™ - the Dreamstation Go has a touch screen, full compatibility with all CPAP masks and compatibility to various heated and standard tubing!

Sounds good so far doesn’t it? Let’s move on to it’s accessories.

Heat/Moisture Exchanger (HME) Filter

As mentioned in our look at the AirMini, travel units do not come with built in humidification chambers. Travel units use a waterless technology in the form of dry filters or tablets that provide moisture and heat. But Respironics does not make a waterless solution exclusive to the Dreamstation Go.  You can get a third party heat/moisture exchanger.  The HME filter accessory from the Z1™ Auto travel CPAP by HDM works pretty well on the Dreamstation.  Those filters are  certified for 7 full days of use.

Small or Medium Travel Kit

Personally, I am at the mercy of any attractively designed case or bag.  Philips Respironics has travel cases for the Dreamstation.  The smallest (below, on the left) is sturdy, stylish and rugged enough, but it is big enough to fit only the Dreamstation unit itself.  


There's a medium size case (above, centre) that's more robust and can store both the main unit and the optional battery (which we'll talk about next). Both Small and Medium Travel Kits have a zipper closure and come with a separate washable canvas bag (top, right) to house your mask and tubing.   

Dreamstation Go Overnight Battery

One of the core features of the Dreamstation Go is it’s exclusive overnight battery. Weighing in at 1.53lbs, it’s designed to match the look of the Dreamstation Go. First, remove the panel on the unit to reveal the battery port.  The overnight battery connects seamlessly to the unit, giving you about 13 hours of uninterrupted therapy (at 10cmH20 pressure) on a 4-to-5 hour charge.  


Medistrom Pilot-12 Lite Battery & Backup Power Supply

Although Philips Respironics makes a cordless backup and overnight battery exclusively for the Dreamstation Go, there are other options. Choice One Medical released the Medistrom™ Pilot-12 Lite as an alternative portable battery for the Dreamstation Go (also compatible with other CPAP brands and devices). A 3-hour charge with the Dreamstation AC Adapter can power up to 2 nights of therapy (on average pressure of 10 cmH20) with humidification and heated tubing disabled if using with main units.  

There you have it, that’s a wrap on the Dreamstation Go. Completely in love? We know, we are too. We hope you enjoyed our informal “part one” and “part two” ongoing discussion of the tech- filled travel CPAPs and all their accessories.

The take home message? Regardless of which travel CPAP you invest in, both machines offer consistent and reliable therapy. It truly comes down to personal preferences in brands, look, compatibility and accessories. Now leaving your CPAP therapy at home is a thing of the past.

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