Don't Let Sleep Apnea Keep You From Traveling The World (Part 1)

août 03, 2018

Don't Let Sleep Apnea Keep You From Traveling The World (Part 1)

With the advancement of technology in sleep medicine, patients with Sleep Apnea can now pick up and travel with ease. In the upcoming weeks, travel-specific CPAP machines will take center stage on our blog. We will go through our best selling travel units to help you decide which machine best suits your needs. From a short weekend camping trip to a long overseas flight, we've got you covered! Our first featured machine requires little introduction - the AirMini™ Auto Travel CPAP. 


ResMed released the incredible AirMini™ unit in Canada in the spring of 2017. It is the most compact CPAP device ever manufactured and is designed to perform like a traditional bedside device – at a fraction of the size and weight.  This AirMinifocuses on exclusivity, only compatible with 3 ResMed style masks and 1 dedicated travel tubing. Follow us today as we customize the AirMini™ with some of the many available accessories making this travel companion more luggage-ready!

AirMini™ App

While having the app is not a requirement to operate the AirMini™, the handy AirMini™ app allows for convenient control of your device.  Download the app on iTunes or Google Play to your smart device for instant access. The app allows you to adjust a range of comfort settings and view nightly sleep data informing you how well you slept.


HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus Moisture Tablets


Besides it's itty-bitty-ness, the AirMini™ (and all other travel CPAPs) differs from it's bigger bedside sister in one other way -  no built-in humidification.  But this machine has a solution: waterless humidification technology which ResMed calls the HumidX™ System. Exclusive to the AirMini™ device, HumidX and HumidX Plus are heat and moisture exchangers (HME for short) designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification while using therapy. Connect a HumidX™ tablet between your CPAP mask and hose for up to 30 days of moisture. More on how HMEs work in an upcoming blog.

Premium Travel Bag or Hard Case


What good is a travel-sized CPAP without its own luggage? 

The sleek and stylish premium travel bag will keep all your CPAP equipment together in one spot. It features various compartments for the AirMini™, tubing, your CPAP mask and power supply. This bag also has strategically-placed pockets for personal items and a comfortable shoulder strap. The biggest bonus of this travel bag: not only do most airlines allow it as a carry-on, it's also considered fare-exempted luggage!

Want added insurance while on the road? ResMed also offers a durable and water resistant hard case to protect the AirMini™ from spills, bumps, bruises and scratches. 

Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite™ Cordless Backup Battery  

Another popular accessory is the overnight battery; the Medistrom Pilot -24 Lite made by Choice One Medical.  This revolutionary pocket-sized backup power supply and portable travel battery for the AirMini™ holds up to 9 hours of juice in just a 2-3 hour charge.   Backup batteries, like this one (which is our favourite for reliability and battery life), add some piece of mind if you're trekking to remote locations (camping, RVing, boating, air travel) or where main power is not available.  Also handy during a blackout.  Recharges with the ResMed AirMini™ AC adapter. 

We can all agree technology has made its way into the world of better sleep. With such amazing new products and accessories, traveling with CPAP therapy is easier than ever.  

Another travel CPAP review next time!  Stay tuned.

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