Examen honnête: Compresseur compact DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide

juillet 23, 2020

Examen honnête: Compresseur compact DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide

Pulmo-aide compact compressors are important respiratory devices for all individuals who suffer from severe asthma. Recently, the CPAP Machines team stock a range of respiratory products including the DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System. Below, we discuss what these devices are, list the features of the Devilbiss compressor device and give our honest opinion about what we think of this respiratory product. 

What Is A Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor?

A pulmo-aide compact compressor is often prescribed for those individuals, generally, younger children or adults who suffer from severe asthma. This device delivers breathing therapy to patients from the comfort of their own home. When prescribed by a physician, this compressor machine can send air to a nebulizer chamber which converts liquid asthma medicine into an aerosol mist that is delivered by a mask or mouthpiece. 

During an asthma attack or a respiratory infection, this aerosol treatment is often easier to inhale than a pocket spray inhaler. The reason for this is because during an asthma attack your airways narrow making it difficult to take deep breaths. For this reason, a pulmo-aide compact compressor device is a more effective way to deliver medication. 

Each compressor machine consists of the following parts: a base, liquid medicine container, nebulizer chamber, tubing and a mouthpiece. Based on your individual needs, your doctor will determine what type and dosage of medication you need. 


Top Features Of The DeVilbiss Compact Compressor Nebulizer System

The DeVilbiss Compact Compressor system aims to make asthma treatment as easy and comfortable as possible. This small footprint unit is easily portable meaning that patients can safely use it at home and also transport it with them on the go. 

A number of the other top features that this device provides include: 

  • Reliable pressure and flow making it one of the highest quality units on the market
  • The sleek design makes it light, portable and modern
  • Includes an AC-powered air compressor
  • Offers a quiet noise level making it more favourable than other compressor devices
  • Durable design with a five-year warranty
  • The ability for prolonged use without risk of overheating 

If you are looking for a quality pulmo-aide compressor device for the effective treatment of asthma attacks and respiratory infections, the DeVilbiss Compact Compressor Nebulizer system has been receiving rave reviews from users and looks to be achieving exactly what it set out to achieve. 


Our Honest Review: What Our Experts Think

As our loyal customers already know, we only like to recommend the products that we believe will benefit you most. That is why we like to review products ourselves before you get to try them for yourself. 

When it comes to the DeVilbiss line of pulmo-aide devices, we were already looking forward to trying this compact compressor out for ourselves. In terms of usability, this device is extremely straightforward to use and its portability is a bonus especially if you are looking to purchase this for your child. This device provides fast and effective treatment during an asthma attack and its durable nature means that there is no risk of any issues while you’re on the go. 

If you have any questions about the use of compressors and nebulizers for asthma treatment or would like to get more information on the Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System by DeVilbiss, get in touch with our team today.

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