21 Day Beat The Dirt Défi

octobre 12, 2018

21 Day Beat The Dirt Défi

Have you ever wondered, “If I clean my pajamas once a week; how often should I be cleaning my CPAP equipment?” Well, the answer is simple, you should be cleaning the mask daily while washing the tubing and water chamber at least once a week.

“Why should I be cleaning my mask when I do not see any dirt on the surface?” Germs and bacteria are not visible to our eyes. There are also debris that are hidden within your mask that you probably do not see when you are putting on your mask at night. Facial oils, skin residue or simply dust trapped within the mask cushion are all considered dirt you would breathe in if you do not wash your CPAP equipment thoroughly. Inhaling mold and bacteria growing in your CPAP equipment may compromise your overall health as well.

To remove dirt and oils and prevent buildup, we’ve linked a few items that might help you get through this daily process more efficiently:

ResMed Unscented Mask Wipes

Citrus II Mask Cleaning Wipes

SoClean 2 Ozone Sanitizing Device

Lumin UV Light Sanitizer

Simply wipe down the mask cushion and surface with some mask wipes and/or sanitize the mask using the SoClean 2 or Lumin. Wash the tubing and water chamber with distilled water and mild soup. Make sure you hang the tubing upside down to allow the water within the tubing to escape and dry. Just remember to avoid leaving your equipment directly under sunlight as it could damage the supplies.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit and we challenge you to take a 21 Day Beat The Dirt CPAP Cleaning Challenge! By the end of this; I’m sure your CPAP equipment are sparkling clean and your new cleaning habit has hopefully been formed. Now that your CPAP equipment are clean, maybe it’s time to wash your pajamas!

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