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Gone are the conventional side-straps to undo and pull. Instead, F&P Solo™ features AutoFit™ which easily and seamlessly stretches over the head and adjusts into place with one simple touch. Thereafter, the AutoLock™ headgear technology then comfortably holds the mask in place, dynamically responding to sleep movement. 

The F&P Solo Mask has two comfortable cushion options. It is compatible with both their nasal and nasal pillows cushions that can be interchanged to suit your preference. They can be bought individually, enabling you options without needing to change the headgear.

Solo™ comes as a fitpack - with extra small, small/medium and large cushions. 

  • Suitable for those wanting a mask that is simple to use as well as experienced PAP mask users wanting a comfortable and optimal fit.
  • Suitable for users who breathe freely through their nose.
  • Suitable for users looking for a minimal mask or for those who experience claustrophobia*.
  • May also be suitable for people who like to swap between mask varieties.
  • There are no conventional side-straps to undo and pull. Instead AutoLock technology holds the mask in place, which will appeal to users who may overtighten their masks.
  • Features removable Frame-Clip for easy assembly and cleaning 
  • It is recommended the mask be replaced every 6 months after date of first use. Store dry mask in clean conditions out of direct sunlight.
  • Solo CPAP Mask User Brochure
myMask™ App

MyMaskApp is designed to support user's mask setup. It effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP* masks for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

How to fit your F&P Solo Mask
How To Clean Your Solo Mask


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