AirMini™ Auto Travel System




 AirMini makes it simple to bring high-quality CPAP therapy along no matter where life takes you. AirMini weighs just 300 grams. Equipped with the same therapy modes as Air 10 series, it offers many of the same popular features. While it isn’t required to operate the AirMini, the AirMini app provides convenient control of your machine. Download it to your smart device for access to a range of adjustable comfort settings and your nightly score that tells you how well you slept. 

A prescription is required for this purchase. Email your prescription to with your order number.

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Users can take advantage of HumidX waterless humidification system*. Each HumidX works for 30 days to provide waterless humidification for comfort and relief. *Not compatible for F30 masks.

AirMini Videos

How To Set Up Your AirMini
Weekly Cleaning Instruction Video
How To Clean Your CPAP Mask for AirMini


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