Mirage Activa™ LT Nasal Mask




  • Hassle-free, easy to fit and comfortable, the Mirage Activa™  LT is made for CPAP users who hate fussing with their mask every night.  Fit it once and enjoy a comfy, secure seal.  Best for restless sleepers.

  • Improvements include the MicroFit dial, new compact ActiveCell™ technology, new diffusion vent and a dual-wall cushion that now comes in four sizes. The overall design is streamlined to be a smaller, quieter and better performing nasal mask than the original Activa™.

  • Mirage Activa™  LT Nasal Mask Features:

    Responsive. Compact ActiveCell™ technology automatically seals for quick fitting and accommodates a wide range of movement and therapy pressure changes.

    • Effective. You get an amazingly light, quiet and diffused mask for effective, reliable sleep apnea therapy.

    • Accommodating. Don't let the mask's small size fool you: The Mirage Active LT fits a wider range of users.

    • Dimensions 155mm (H) x 91mm (W) x 118mm (D)/ 181g

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