AirFit™ N30i Nasal CPAP Mask




Sleep the way you want! AirFit™ N30i is Resmed’s first tube-up nasal cradle mask and will be a great new option for all CPAP users. The curved cradle cushion sits comfortably under your nose, making it easy to sleep on your side or stomach. 

Unsure of size? Print and measure with Resmed size guide.

  • New version: Flexible Chasis - the soft silicone allows for freedom of movement and a great seal.
  • New version: QuietAir Diffuser - this feature makes this mask 57% quieter than the original. The diffuser also reduces the feel of the exhalation for the bed partner.
  • Top of the head tube design – allows freedom of movement without pulling on the tube.
  • Curved nasal cradle cushion – provides an unobtrusive, stable seal.
  • SpringFit™ frame – adjusts to different patient profiles providing the first-time fit.
  • Quick-release elbow - allows for easy disconnection. The pinch-clip elbow stays attached to the tubing to ensure parts do not get stuck or lost.
  • Soft sleeves - designed for added comfort and reduction in facial marks.
    Starter Packs

    *Stock of both Starter Packs are redesigned with new QuietAir™ vent technology cushions. We still sell the original N30i version replacement pillow cushions.

    Standard Starter Pack - Standard frame w/ small-wide, small and medium cushions

    Small Starter Pack - Small frame w/ small-wide, small and medium cushions


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