DC Converter for AirSense 10 Series



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DC converter in 24V 90W powers Resmed AirSense™ and AirCurve™ series. Use DC converter on the road or during power failure. DC power converter powers both the main unit and the humidifier. Your CPAP therapy can go with you on any adventure with DC power capability. 

Additional Info

DC adapter is only compatible with Resmed Air 10 series. It can be used with the H5i humidification.

  • Length (connector to connector): approximately 7.5 feet
  • Battery voltage: 12V or 24 V
  • Fuse rating: 20A
  • Typical current consumption: 6.0A at nominal 12V input, 3.0A at nominal for 24V input. Actual current level depends on pressure and humidification levels and breathing patterns. Output voltage: 24V, 2.5A


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