DC Battery Adapter Cable for Respironics Machines

Philips Respironics



The DC Battery Adapter Cable, when connected to either the DC Interface Module or the Shielded DC Cord (not included), enables Respironics' CPAP and BiPAP systems to operate from a 12 volt DC, deep cycle marine-type battery with the alligator clip connections.

DC Battery Adapter cable only, Shielded DC cord and CPAP machine sold separately. 

Additional Info

When connecting your CPAP  machine to a free-standing 12-volt battery, there are 2 required cables: DC Shielded Power Cord (sold separately) and this DC Battery Adapter Cable. This battery adapter clamps directly to your freestanding batteries positive and negative terminals. The other end of this cable connects to a DC Shielded Power Cord (not included), which then connects directly to the CPAP machine. 


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