Brevida™ Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask (Fitpack)



  • The Brevida™ is F&P’s most advanced nasal pillow designed mask. As a complete overhaul of the Pilairo, this mask features 2 different size inflatable nasal pillows in the same styling as the Pilairo. The difference is that the pillows have a secure clip in system which means the pillow is locked into the mask frame. The headgear is made out of the same flexible and ultra-comfortable material as the Eson 2 mask and is minimalistic on the face. Like a pair of swimming goggles, the straps split at the back but is also adjustable with velcro tabs at the front of the mask.

    The Brevida™ mask is a fitpack, it includes two seal sizes in each package: XS-S and M-L, to compliment noses of all sizes. 

  • The nasal pillow seal is extra thin (0.25mm) and made with soft silicone to provide a gentle seal. The pillows have a versatile geometry to fit a wide range of nostril sizes. The Brevida CPAP mask was designed with stabilizing side supports to reduce the likelihood of the seal dislodging during sleep.

  • The Brevida Nasal Pillow Features:

    Washable diffuser filter on the front - this makes it super quiet and stops the exit air blowing all over your bed partner.

    Adjustable slimline headgear.

    VisiBlue locking system to secure the pillows to the mask frame.

    Inflatable pillow technology for the ultimate seal without nasal irritation.​

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