AirFit™ F10 Series Full Face CPAP Mask




The Resmed AirFit™ F10 Full Face CPAP mask offers all the comfort and reliability patients have grown to trust, in a slimmed-down design. It's is small and lightweight, making it more comfortable to use daily. The Spring Air™ cushion is soft and fits comfortably on your face, while the SoftEdge™ headgear features slimmed-down straps for maximum comfort and fewer facial marks.

  • Proven performance: The unique frame and headgear work together to provide superior stability and performance. 
  • Ease of use. With just four parts, the AirFit F10 is fast and easy to reassemble and clean.
  • Ultra-quiet. Circular diffused venting gently directs exhaled air away from you and your partner — creating a quiet, peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Built-in convenience. The quick-release elbow with side buttons allows you to easily detach the mask from the tubing, making it more convenient to get up during the night without removing your mask.


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