HumidAir™ Water Chamber for A10 Series




Resmed HumidAir™ Standard or Cleanable Water Chamber for  AirSense & AirCurve™ series. HumidAir takes distilled water only and cleanable model is dishwasher safe.

Water Capacity: 380ml of water

Standard (37299)

Standard tub opens for easy cleaning and requires replaceing every six months, or as recommended by healthcare provider. Made with a stainless steel base with injection moulded plastic and thermoplastic Elastomer.

Cleanable (37479)

Cleanable water tub is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. Approved for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab. Made with injection moulded plastic, stainless steel and silicone seal to sustain multiple disinfections.

Advantages of cleanable chamber

  • HumidAir Cleanable Water Tub is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.
  • Cleanable tub is dishwasher safe for easier, more hygienic cleaning by your patients who use a CPAP device at home. It can also be hand washed.
  • Tub should be replaced after 6 months, but regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of this durable tub.


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