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The iBreeze 20A Auto CPAP provides a comfortable night's sleep with its features that provide quality Sleep Apnea therapy.  The iBreeze features auto-titration with the unique “intelligence pressure release” algorithm, and smart technology to help prevent leaks, breathe easier, provide dynamic humidification, and capture critical sleep data – all to ensure a positive therapy experience. The iBreeze is equipped with a responsive 3.5-inch colour screen with easy navigation to provide detailed reports on your sleep therapy.

A prescription is required for this purchase. Email your prescription to shop@cpapmachines.ca with your order number.

  • Compact, and lightweight with a user-friendly interface.
  • Unique IPR (Intelligence Pressure Release) algorithm during inspiration & expiration offering users greater comfort.
  • Auto-adjusting humidification with an easy-to-clean built-in intelligent humidifier. Will continuously monitor the water level, will stop heating and give an alert if the water level comes low. Resvent unique intelligent humidifier can apperceive the environment's temperature & humidity and maintain the humidity within a certain level so that there will not be condensation in the hose or mask.
  • Automated leakage compensation.
  • Auto start and Auto stop.
  • Smart Auto Ramp – reduction of discomfort when inhaling or exhaling compressed air with an extended ramp time of 0-60 minutes.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – At less than 20 decibels.
  • Data Management via internal memory and SD card, also WiFi-optional upon request.
What's Included
  • iBreeze 20A AutoCPAP and integrated humification
  • Standard Tubing (not compatible with a heated tubing)
  • Air Filters x 2
  • Gas Outlet Connector 
  • SD Card
  • Travel Bag
  • Power Supply Adapter & Cord
  • iBreeze User Manual
  • Resvent iBreeze Dedicated Support: support-resassist@resvent.com*Resvent handles their own support, please contact them directly for assistance.


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