What's A Lumin™ Bullet? Our Honest Thoughts

July 26, 2019

What's A Lumin™ Bullet? Our Honest Thoughts

If you're asking yourself: "What is this Lumin™ Bullet thing?",  you're not alone. We've received tons of questions from confused CPAP users asking what it does and why would someone want such a thing.  


What Is The Lumin™ Bullet?

Before we dive into what exactly the Bullet is, let's briefly talk about the Lumin CPAP Sanitizer - the sidekick to the Bullet. The Lumin is a multi-use CPAP sanitizing device for your personal items. To use, simply put stuff like your phone, toothbrush, dentures, keys and even baby bottles into the CPAP Cleaner’s drawer, close it and the Lumin Sanitizer blasts it with ultraviolet light technology to kill viruses, bacteria and mould in just a matter of minutes.

The Lumin CPAP Sanitizer is a multi-use sanitizing device that can be used for disinfecting not only your CPAP equipment but also other household items.

The Lumin has been a strong competitor to the popular SoClean sanitizer in the CPAP world which uses ozone technology as it's the active agent to disinfect CPAP equipment. Although the Lumin is an excellent product, the biggest drawback was its inability to sanitize CPAP tubing - giving SoClean, it's competitor a leg up.

That's where the Lumin™ Bullet comes in.  It's a CPAP Tubing cleaner. Used in tandem with the Lumin Sanitizer, it covers all bases of your CPAP sanitizing needs.  


What Technology Does This CPAP Cleaner Use?

Here's how it works:  Put your CPAP mask and chamber into the Lumin drawer, close it and let it do what it does best.  While that's going on, slide the Bullet (it's really more like a pen or a wand) into your CPAP tubing.  Slide it out slowly - slow enough so it takes about 60 seconds to pull it through the entire length of the tubing.  

The Bullet unleashes powerful UVC light to destroy germs and pathogens in the tubing, leaving you with a sanitized CPAP tube.  There is no delay period and no harmful gas or chemicals are emitted.

The Lumin™ Bullet comes with:

  • An outer bullet shell
  • A metal "bullet" that's chargeable 
  • USB cable

    The metal bullet of the Lumin Bullet can be charged using a USB cable. Charging is required before every use

    The Bullet requires charging before you use it for the first time.  You'll know its charging by the red blinking light.  The indicator lights up solid blue when it's done.  It can be used about 30 times on a single charge.


    How To Use This Lumin Product?

    Place charged Bullet into your tubing. Open the shell, put your tubing inside and close and lock the shell. Take about 1 minute and slowly pull the entire tubing through the bullet shell. Once the hose is pulled through, it comes out of the shell, but the bullet stays inside the shell.

    The Lumin Bullet is great when paired with the Lumin Sanitizer especially for ensuring that your hose doesn’t build up with grime and dirt.

    Compatibility: Which CPAP Tubing Does It Work With?

    The Lumin™ Bullet works with most standard CPAP tubing. It does NOT work on popular heated hoses like the ClimatelineAir, and others require some minor adjustments to use. For example, to sanitize the AirMini hose, you'll need to remove the attachments on the hose so the Bullet can fit through. The DreamStation heated hose will allow the Bullet to fit through one end only. 


    Usage: How Often Should This CPAP Cleaning Equipment Be Used?

    It is recommended to use this cleaning device twice weekly on your hose to prevent the development of a nasty biofilm - ensuring that your hose remains slime free. Make sure to use it daily during flu season for extra protection. 


    Our Final Verdict: What We Really Thought

    In our opinion, we find the Lumin CPAP Sanitizer and the Bullet both make excellent CPAP and personal sanitizers but they work best as a pair (What's the point of cleaning your mask and machine when your tubing is still filled with gross bacteria and slime?!) 

    Not only will it clean your CPAP equipment, but many other personal items in the home - offering way more bang for your hard-earned bucks. We really like that there is no need to constantly replace filters on the Lumin and the light bulb lasts for ages!  There are no chemicals or odours released into the air and, unlike the SoClean, you don't have to wait for your CPAP stuff to air out.   

    Together, we think the Lumin and the Bullet are a great pair and offer an excellent alternative to the SoClean.  Considering the Lumin's added uses around the house, it may be the smarter choice.

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