Introducing The New DreamStation Go Travel Humidifier

April 05, 2019

Introducing The New DreamStation Go Travel Humidifier

We’ve all been asking the same question, why doesn’t any travel machines come with a humidifier? Well, the solution is finally here; Philips just introduced the heated humidifier for the DreamStation Go travel machine. Ever since the lightweight travel system DreamStation Go came out, we’ve been told by Philips that the heated humidifier would soon be available. After months of waiting, the tiniest travel humidifier is finally available!

You might ask why having a humidifier was never an option for travel machines until now, the major difficulty of designing a travel humidifier is its size. It is hard to integrate a humidifier chamber onto such small units. That is why Philips Respironics developed a new “water-saving” technology which allows the humidification level to adjust automatically in order to deliver the right therapy setting. Thanks to this “water-saving” technology, Philips now developed a portable humidifier for travel machines that only adds an additional 0.76 lbs to the already lightweight machine!

Not only is the DreamStation Go humidifier lightweight and small; it is also safe to use regular tap water or bottled water instead of having to specifically look for distilled water while you are travelling.

So, what are the pros and cons of bringing a travel humidifier instead of using the HME filters? Well, let’s take a look:


  • No replacement parts needed
  • Use tap or bottled water
  • Provides humidification evenly throughout the night
  • Ability to increase or decrease humidity as required
  • No need to keep track on HME expiry date
  • No disposal and no waste


  • Only compatible with DreamStation Go Travel System
  • Takes up more space compared to the HME filters

In my option, I would want my travel baggage to be as light as possible. Therefore, I would prefer just to bring an HME filter with me on a short trip. (see below HME)


However, if I was going away for up to a month, and/or going to a place where the weather would be more drying, then I would recommend bringing the travel humidifier with you on the go.

So, my final verdict is that if you are someone who goes on long trips often, this travel humidifier would be a great investment! Whereas, just take an HME filter with you on those short business trips out of the country.

If packing up your CPAP before your flight gives you a hard time but using those HME filters is not enough to provide moisture during the night, you can now purchase all of these items on our website! Please visit each of the links below to purchase the parts that you need!


Already purchased the DreamStation Go Travel humidifier? Not a problem, visit the link below to watch how you could assemble the DreamStation Go humidifier to your existing DreamStation Go travel machine.

How to assemble DreamStation Heated Humidifier 

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