Introducing the O2 Canada Mask

November 23, 2018

Introducing the O2 Canada Mask

Our team has always been asked the same question repeatedly, “Can I use my CPAP machine to get more air during the day?”  The answer is NO! CPAP therapy doesn’t give you more air, it only provides the user with pressurized air to maintain an open airway. Thus, using the CPAP during the daytime would not give you better air. However, we live by the promise that when you have a problem, we will find you a solution. So, let us proudly introduce to you our latest addition to our product family, the O2 Curve - Personal Anti-Pollution Filtration Mask. 

Did you know that Canadians invented the first gas mask to protect soldiers from chemical warfare in WWI?With a similar idea, O2 Canada developed an everyday air pollution mask that people from the most deadly particles not visible to the human eye. The reusable personal anti-pollution filtration mask is designed specifically for daily use. It is great for athletes that exercise outdoors, population that suffers from nasal allergies, people who live in an air-polluted area as well as CPAP users who wish to breathe in better air throughout the day! But I must remind you that this mask is a non-CPAP related product. It is a new wearable technology that could improve the quality of your everyday life. 

First, let’s take a look at the design! 

With the ability to change up the shell colour; you can match your O2 Curve with every outfit you choose. Not only is the O2 Curve trendy and fashionable; it also works just as well as an N95 mask 

So, let’s talk about how the filter actually works! 


With the breathable filtration technology; you can choose between two highly effective filters. The Commuter Filters and the Competitors Filters. These electrostatic filters trap mechanical pollutants found in pollution as well as bacteria and diseasesAnd how do they do that? Well, these filters are charged with pockets of both negative and positive ions, which attract, trap and neutralize small particles. The Commuter Filters and designed for everyday wear whereas the Competitors Filters are made for those who exercise outdoor and need a more breathable filter. 

And the best of all? 

The O2 Curve is available NOW on Send your special someone this blog and give them a hint on what you want for this holiday season! Happy Shopping!

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