Going On A Winter Vacation? CPAP Travel Tips For OSA Patients

December 20, 2019

Going On A Winter Vacation? CPAP Travel Tips For OSA Patients

We all love to travel abroad on vacation. But what happens when you need to bring your CPAP equipment with you too? Not to worry. Here are our tips on how OSA patients can travel comfortably and why a portable travel CPAP machine is the best way to achieve this. 


Going Abroad This Winter? 

We all need a vacation from time to time for some much needed R&R. Yet, for many OSA patients, the thought of bringing their CPAP equipment along can seem like too much of a hassle so they may choose to just leave it at home. 

If you are planning on travelling abroad this winter, remember that you can enjoy your vacation even with your CPAP equipment in tow. While going on vacation can be challenging for those who have trouble sleeping, with the right travel tips and sleep apnea equipment, it will be highly rewarding. 


Travelling: What Effects Can It Have On OSA Patients? 

Travelling can affect anyone’s sleep pattern but even more so when you have sleep apnea. According to research, people with a sleep disorder have a tendency to sleep one hour less while on vacation than when they are at home. 

As travelling can inhibit sleep functions, it is normal to feel more groggy than usual especially when going on a long haul flight. While this has the potential of making your sleep quality worse, this will only be the case if you do not keep up CPAP therapy when on vacation. 

Keeping up your sleep apnea treatment when abroad is essential even if you are worried about feeling embarrassed or anxious about travelling with your equipment. The good news is that travelling with a CPAP machine, especially a portable CPAP machine is actually quite simple.  


Guide To Travelling With CPAP Equipment 

Many airports and airlines allow you to bring medical devices including your CPAP equipment onboard with you. So, you don’t have to worry about your device being misplaced or damaged. 

When boarding the plane, keep your CPAP machine with you in a separate bag. More often than not, it will need to be inspected so bringing a copy of your doctor’s CPAP prescription can help to speed up the screening process. 

If you are going on a long haul flight that will require you to use your CPAP device before arriving at your destination, make sure to notify your airline before flying. Often times, an airline can make special arrangements to ensure that you will be able to use your equipment comfortably during the flight. If your device has an airplane mode make sure to turn this on and your humidifier off. 

Most airplanes should have outlets available but if you are worried about not having access to one, consider using a battery pack. Many CPAP device models including mini CPAP machines are built to be compatible with battery packs in situations where a power outage occurs or power supply is insufficient. 

Finally, make sure to bring a travel plug adapter with you especially if you are travelling outside of North America. This is also another situation where having a battery pack can be really beneficial. For example, if you’re travelling to the European Union, the power supply might not be adequate for running your CPAP machine. Having batteries means that your device will stay powered during your trip. 


Portable Travel CPAP Machine: It Can Improve Your Travel Experience 

Planning on travelling light or bringing carry on luggage only? If the answer to this is yes then a travel CPAP machine is a great option. These sleep apnea units are designed to smaller, quieter and lighter. 

The Resmed AirMini is one of the smallest CPAP machines on the market and is perfect when travelling abroad on vacation or even for a family weekend staycation. With features such as auto altitude adjustment, waterless humidification and the ability to control it using the AirMini app, this will be your new favourite travel buddy.

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