Sleep Noodle Positional Sleep Device


KEG CY-K8301

  • Introducing the Sleep Noodle Positional Sleep Aid The Sleep Noodle is part of KEGO's CPAPology line and is a comfortable, cost-effective positional sleep aid for mild and moderate positional Sleep Apnea. Sometimes the easiest solution to help reduce or stop snoring is to sleep on your side.

  • Sleep Noodle Anti-Snore Belt Features:

    • A simpler & more natural anti-snore solution

    • Excellent cost-effective positional therapy for mild and moderate Sleep Apnea

    • Non-slip breathable mesh belt with enhanced hook and loop fastener

    •Self-healing zipper

  • Available in 3 sizes: Small 24-36” (61-91 cm), Medium 32-44” (81-112 cm), Large 40-54” (102-137 cm). May be worn on upper back just below armpits or mid-back level. If using the mid-back level, avoid arching back to accommodate the noodle. The Sleep Noodle helps you to develop the habit of sleeping on your side. As there may be an adjustment period to get used to a new sleeping position.

    RETURN POLICY: In the interest of hygiene, the Sleep Noodle Positional Device may not be refunded or exchange at any time.

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