Slimline™ CPAP Hose Tubing Wrap




  • Resmed S9 series Slimline™ CPAP hose tubing wrap for the insulation of your CPAP hose to promote better humidification and reduce rainout. This item is for the tubing wrap only. Tubing sold separately. 

  • Resmed Slimeline™ CPAP hose tubing wrap designed specially to fit the smaller thinner Resmed Slimline™ tubing. This product helps to prevent CPAP hose "rainout" by insulating the air inside your tube; promoting better humidification results. This CPAP tubing wrap is compatible with:

    ResMed S9 Series CPAP machines
    ResMed S9 Series Auto CPAP machines
    ResMed S9 Series VPAP™ machines

  • Manufacturer: Resmed

    Colour: Grey

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