DreamWisp Frame Connector

Philips Respironics


  • This DreamWisp Frame Connector allows you to expand or shrink the frame of the DreamWisp mask to correctly fit your face. This mask component is only compatible with the DreamWisp mask. Frame connector only, masks sold separately.

  • The frame connector is the piece that holds the elbow and connects both sides of the frame together. Locate the mask frame connector underneath the elbow, where the air intake from the hose is. Eject the elbow from the frame connector. Remove each side of the mask frame connector. Get the replacement connector, and reconnect the elbow to it. Then reconnect each side of the frame.

  • If the medium that comes with the original mask doesn't work, you could pare down to a small or move up to a large. 

    • Frame Connector comes in small, medium, large. 
    • This product is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

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