Dreamwear & Dreamwear Gel Headgear With Arms - NEW!

Philips Respironics



Replacement head strap compatible with Dreamwear and Dreamwear Gel CPAP masks only. The updated headgear with arms increases stability, comfort, and quality of sleep.  One standard size headgear with arms uses the same connector as the old headgear, but instead of a strap, it has a rectangular hook. Head strap only, mask and frame sold separately. 

Additional Info

The headgear arms work like eyeglass arms, helping reduce mask and headgear movement when being used. The headgear is easier to attach and detach, and the arms lower the straps closer to the user’s neck for increased comfort and a stronger fit and seal. 


Made of Polyurethane foam, Nylon, Spandex, Thermoplastic Elastomer

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