Water Tank for DreamStation Series

Philips Respironics



Philips DreamStation standard water chamber is exclusively used with Philips DreamStation series PAP therapy devices. The tub is easily disassembled for manual cleaning. Water chamber only, machine sold separately. 

Additional Info

Chamber will hold 325 ml of water or 11 oz (when properly filled to the fill line). The chamber should be filled with clean water each night. Using distilled water is required to maximize the life of the chamber and reduce mineral deposits.


Dimensions: 6.5 in L x 4.5 in W x 2.1 in H 

Weight: 5.57 oz (0.35 lbs)

Chamber Capacity: 325mL (11 oz)

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Kit includes: A mini portable sanitizer, 3 or 6 pack of filters (depending on machine), 2 packs of aloe cleansing wipes and a premium tubing brush.