CPAP MAX 2.0 Pillow

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One pillow, four sleeping options. This is the CPAP Max 2.0 Pillow. This versatile pillow offers the CPAP user options to increase comfort and decrease the chances of mask seal disruption and pressure points. Choose from two sleeping surfaces and two levels of thickness for improved support. The pillow features cut-outs on each side ideal for side-sleepers. 

CPAP 2.0 Max Pillow dimensions: 20” x 13” x 5.25”

Additional Info

Two Sleep Surfaces:

· Plush memory foam sleeping surface or flip it over for traditional fiberfill sleeping surface

Two Pillow Thickness Options:

· Use the 3/4 inch foam layer or remove it for a thinner pillow

Features & Final Sale Item

· Curved Edge works naturally with the curve of the shoulder for a comfortable fit.

· Cut-Outs edges to accommodate the mask and hose for side-sleepers.

· Center Zone cradles the head for support and alignment.

· Cool Foam surface allows for ventilation reducing the potential for dampness.

· Tube Tether to secure the hose and reduce drag on the mask and seal disruption.

· Zippered Pillow Cover can be removed for washing.

This is a final sale item.

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