ClimateLine™ Heated Tubing For S9 Series




  • ClimateLine™ Tubing for S9™ and H5i™ Climate Control System is a heated tube for use with the Resmed™ S9 line of PAP machines. It uses a built-in mask temperature sensor to reach relative humidity at the mask. Sensors inside and outside the CPAP machine closely monitor changes in humidity and prevents condensation from forming inside the tube.

  • Virtually eliminates rainout (condensation) in the tube, which can occur when the temperature drops during the night. Because the system measures the temperature at the mask, it will remain at the preferred setting, regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity

  • This tubing is lightweight, thinner, and more flexible than most tubing available in the market. Exclusive to Resmed, the ClimateLine(Universal) tubing is 40% lighter, 20% thinner, and takes up 35% less space.

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