Memory Foam CPAP Pillow

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Premium quality reversible Memory Foam CPAP Pillow not only reduces mask leaks but introduces a new level of comfort with aromatherapy in a pillow. CPAP users often face a dilemma: CPAP machine is working well, the mask fits great, but sleep quality may remain poor. No matter how well CPAP therapy is set, achieving a deep relaxing sleep without the right pillow may be a difficult task.

Select from Memory Foam CPAP Pillow or Memory Foam CPAP Pillow With Cooling Gel.

  • Specifically designed for CPAP users
  • Adjustable slimline headgear
  • Moulds to the shape for your body
  • Ventilated luxury memory foam
  • Infused with herbal green tea
  • Mint & Bamboo Infused Cooling Gel
  • Cooling Gel Version: Addition of blue cooling gel layer regulates temperature throughout the night
  • Adjustable pillow height ideal for sleeping in multiple positions

Pillow dimensions: 33 x 61 cm or 13 x 24 inches  

Includes an Easy Care Luxury 100% cotton pillow case

Memory Foam CPAP Pillow Brochure


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