Insurance Reimbursement In 3 Easy Steps!

For optimal therapy, it's imperative to keep your CPAP equipment in the best shape possible. If it's been more than 6 months since you've replaced your mask, water chamber, tubing and filter, now's the time. Replacing these items will keep dangerous pathogens at bay and keeps you safe.

STEP 1: Generate an instant quote from your cart.  
STEP 2: Submit quote to your insurance company for a pre-approval. A pre-approval will determine what you're covered for.
STEP 3: Once pre-approved, place your order online. Your shipment will come with an invoice you submit for reimbursement. 

Remember, benefits are for you to use. Put a reminder in your phone to replace your equipment every few months. Better yet, join our MySupply Loyalty Program for a hassle-free process (with perks).  As always, clean your CPAP equipment as directed and stay safe! 

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Customers are responsible to work with their own insurers and provide the appropriate documents for their own claims. does not submit claims on customer's behalf.

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