DreamStation 2 Humidifier Water Tank

Philips Respironics


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Philips DreamStation 2 Humidifier Water Tank with Lid exclusively for DreamsStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced Machine. Use only room temperature distilled water in the humidifier water tank. Do not put any chemicals or additives into the water. Using distilled water is needed to maximize the life of chamber and reduce mineral deposits.

Humidifier water tank and lid only. CPAP machine sold separately. 

Additional Info

Tub is easily disassembled for cleaning. Wash humidifier water tank (lid, water tank base, and water tank seal) in the dishwasher (top shelf only) or in a solution of warm water and a mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Using a soft bristle brush to remove adhering substances. Before reinstalling the humidifier water tank, fill it with distilled water no higher than the maximum fill line.

Specs & Video

Chamber Capacity: 325mL (11 oz). Built-in humidifier water tank

Cleaning and maintenance video


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