QTube™ In-line CPAP Muffler For Z2/Z1

McArthur Medical Inc.


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The Qtube In-line CPAP Muffler reduces acoustic noise transmitted to the patient mask through the CPAP tube for the Z1 and Z2 Auto CPAP Travel System. It simply reduces air noise. The 8" flex hose included connects the Qtube directly to your CPAP machine and the standard tube to the mask.

Qtube and short tubing only, machine sold separately.

Additional Info

The Qtube is designed specifically for use with Breas’  Heat Moisture Exchange Unit (HME).

If the Qtube is kept dry and clean the internal components should not require replacement for several months.  Inspect the foam and sleeve and replace if there are tears or signs of wear.

The disassembled Qtube and foam insert can be washed with mild detergent and water and let air dry thoroughly. Particular care should be taken to ensure that unit is completely dry after replacement of inner foam sound baffling material.

  • Short Flex Hose length: 8" or 20 cm 


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