H4i™ Water Chamber for S8 Series




Resmed H4i water chamber comes either in standard or cleanable and is exclusively used for Resmed S8 series.  Water chamber only, humidifier and machine sold separately.

Water capacity: 380ml

Standard (26952)

Standard tub designed for hand washing only and to be replaced every six months, or as recommended by healthcare provider. Made with injection-moulded plastic, aluminum and thermoplastic elastomer. Use room temperature distilled water only.

Cleanable (26958)

Cleanable water tub is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Approved for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab. Made with injection-moulded plastic, stainless steel and silicone seal to sustain multiple disinfections. Use room temperature distilled water only.

Advantages of cleanable chamber:

  • The cleanable (stainless steel) tub can be disassembled and is dishwasher safe for easier, more hygienic cleaning. It can also be hand washed.


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