Humidair™ Heated Humidifier For AirSense™ 11



Tableau des Tailles

Water chamber for AirSense 11 series built-in heated humification. Fill the water chamber with room-temperature distilled water only. To use, place the device on a level surface that’s lower than the placement of your head. This position will prevent your mask and tubing from filling with water.

Water Capacity: 380ml of water

Additional Info

Standard - Has a white thumb grip. For single patient use and cannot be disinfected. Fill with distilled water only.  Wash in warm water using a household dishwashing liquid or wash tub in 1 part vinegar and 9 parts water. 

Cleanable - Has a grey thumb grip. Approved for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab. The cleanable tub is dishwasher-safe for more hygienic cleaning and disinfections. It is recommended to fill with distilled water. 

Allow either water tub to dry out of direct sunlight or heat. Wipe the exterior with a dry cloth. Regularly check the tub for leaks and cracks. Replace every six months, or as recommended by your machine's user manual.

  • Housing construction: Injection-molded plastic and silicone seal
  • Hot plate material: Stainless steel
  • Water capacity: 380 mL
  • Humidifier tub lifespan: approx. 6 months


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