Forma Full Face CPAP Mask




Forma Full Face Mask continues with unique FlexiFit™ design. Like FlexiFit™ 431 and 432, the full-face cushion of Forma fits under the chin. The cushion comes highly contoured, silicone seal for maximum comfort and stability. Unlike previous FlexiFit™ masks, Forma incorporates new T-Piece forehead support providing added stability and auto-adjusts for hassle-free fitting.

Unsure of size? Print and measure with F&P size guide.

Additional Info

Forma offers enhanced comfort with a greater range of movement due to its FlexiFoam cushion. The inner foam cushion helps contour the mask to a wide range of faces and promotes optimal frame alignment. The outer silicone seal allows for a leak-resistant surface and is soft, light and features advanced active contouring that conforms naturally to the user's face. The frame is designed to fit all sizes of the cushion.  Finally, a new advanced air diffuser has been added to create a quieter exhalation port. Air is routed away from the user and their sleeping partner and helps minimize exhaust noise.


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