SpO2 Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter




Professional-quality fingertip pulse oximeter to determine whether your blood contains enough oxygen. This knowledge is useful in a variety of situations. It can be used:

  • To determine if a person's breathing stops during sleep (sleep apnea)
  • During or after sedation-assisted surgery or procedures
  • To see how effective lung medicines are
  • To determine a person's ability to handle increased levels of activity
  • To determine whether a ventilator is required to assist with breathing or to assess how well it is performing

Includes lanyard, carry case, and two AAA batteries.

  • Dual color high resolution easy-to-read TFT display, auto-rotation multi-display screen*
  • Display SpO₂ and Pulse Rate, Pulse bar and Plethysmogram
  • Now with Perfusion Index and programmable alarm functionality
  • Low power composition, Auto-off function*
  • Accommodates widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult*
  • Size: 56mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 32mm (H)
  • Weight:  approx. 2 oz (with batteries)
  • Display: TFT Display
  • Battery Duration 20-30 hours*
  • Battery Type: 2 AAA alkaline or rechargeable 
  • SpO2 Measurement Range: 0%-100%
  • SpO2 Accuracy: 70% - 100% ± 2%
  • Pulse Rate Measurement Range: 30bpm - 250bpm
  • Pulse Rate Accuracy: ± 2bpm
  • User Manual


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