Why We Like The Dreamwear Series CPAP Masks

July 13, 2018

Why We Like The Dreamwear Series CPAP Masks

When we were first introduced to the Dreamwear mask, we weren’t so sure what to think.  Our initial reaction: "this thing looks odd."  But, if you break down the components, the design of the Dreamwear mask is actually quite brilliant and functional. Today, we'll take a deep dive into the Dreamwear CPAP mask and offer our own take on this unique mask by Philips Respironics.

This mask was designed for comfort; streamlined to maximize sightlines (ever tried watching TV in bed while wearing a CPAP mask?), and by the looks (and feel) of it, they succeeded.

The exhalation ports in the front of the mask dissipate air well, without sounding like a leaky balloon.  Most users we spoke to say their partners didn't notice much noise either, or compared to a lot of other CPAP masks, the Dreamwear kept its promise of being quiet through the night.

The Dreamwear has a soft and simple back head-strap to keep the mask securely in place while asleep. We found that the nasal cushion sits comfortably under the nostrils and creates a non-invasive seal.  The soft silicone frame runs across the cheeks and over the temples to the tube attachment on the top of the crown. The placement of this connection to the long tubing will ensure it will be out of the way during sleep. The soft material means fewer "mask seams" on your face in the morning, so you'll spend less time trying to fluff out those awkward scars some tighter-fitting masks may create.

The airflow from the therapy flows evenly through the frame.  If you sleep on your side, you might end up cutting off the airflow from one side of the mask.  No problem: the other side will compensate but it might cause some increased airflow noise.  Some Dreamwear users we spoke to say the sound of the airflow is actually soothing and others found it a bit too noisy.  

The Dreamwear packaging comes standard in a medium frame and with 3 cushion sizes. Users can purchase separately a small or large size frame if the medium size does not fit. 

With the success of the Dreamwear, Respironics has expanded the Dreamwear family to include a gel cushion and a low-profile, full face style. 

One last thing: make sure to take the time to be fitted for the Dreamwear mask.  Sure, its main goal is functionality, but this mask was built for comfort.  And it delivers .... for most people.  Be sure to visit your local CPAP vendor and ask to try the mask on for size to see if the Dreamwear series is a right fit for you.  

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