Standard or Cleanable Water Chambers?

February 01, 2019

Standard or Cleanable Water Chambers?

ResMed's latest AirSense 10 Series is designed with a humidifier seamlessly integrated called HumidAir. The main unit comes with a standard water tub, but there is an optional stainless steel cleanable water tub available for purchase. 

ResMed has been making 'standard' and 'cleanable' versions water tubs for quite some time now. Their previous 2 CPAP models, S9 and S8 Series humidification in H5i and H4i came in both Standard and a Cleanable version.



Which one is better? Do I need the cleanable tub? Will the Standard tub suffice? Continue reading to learn the difference between the two and to find out which one best suits your needs. 


The Standard tub is the one that comes with the original machine purchase. This standard tubs opens at the top, the shell is made with injection molded plastic. The Standard tub's base is made with aluminum and thermoplastic elastomer and is latex free. This Standard version requires hand washing with mild soap and water (not dishwasher or washing machine safe) and requires replacing every 6 months.


The cleanable tub is considered an upgrade called HumidAir water tub. Almost identical to the Standard tub, the Cleanable is designed to be easily taken apart to be cleaned and snapped back together easily. This HumidAir's shell is also made with injection molded plastic for durability and it's lightweight feel. Stainless steel is used to construct the robust base of the chamber. Silicone is used to seal the water inside the chamber. The material for this tub is approved for clinical use in hospitals or sleep clinics with various patients. 

Though more expensive, this premium water tub has a life span of 2 years and is resilient enough to take a beating in the dishwasher if you're feeling lazy. 

Which one do you need?

The answer depends on your lifestyle, cleaning routine and budget. Do you own a dishwasher? Do you mind paying more upfront for something that will last longer? Or save a buck or two and replace the parts every few months? Ultimately, both water tubs does the job and does it well. It comes down to personal preference in material and price of the replacement parts. 

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