Why Do Full Face CPAP Masks Have A Bad Reputation?

October 26, 2018

Why Do Full Face CPAP Masks Have A Bad Reputation?

There is a stigma when people think of full face CPAP masks. Many think they're ugly, bulky, intrusive and the thought of wearing one to bed sounds impossible. However, full face masks are the Holy Grail for many CPAP users; they are designed with specific features and benefits that have made them a go-to mask for millions in the CPAP community. 

How Does A Full Face Mask Differ From Other CPAP Masks?

So, what makes a full face CPAP mask different than the others? A full-face mask covers the nose and the mouth -  like an oxygen mask you might see a fighter pilot wear, but nicer - with straps that are worn over the head with headgear holding it in place. It sounds uncomfortable, but they've made them pretty form-fitting and soft now.

By highlighting the pros of full face masks and giving it a well-deserved spotlight, we hope to break the stigma of how the general public feels about this often demonized and incredibly well-designed CPAP mask.


Advantages Of A Full Face Mask For CPAP Therapy

Below is a list of the top advantages that we feel CPAP users will receive by choosing a full face CPAP mask over other styles. 

1) It's stable & secure: Full face masks tend to be a bit larger, heavier and have more material (straps and thicker headgear) than, say, a nasal pillow style mask. These CPAP  masks cover more of the face which results in better pressure when compared to their nasal or nasal pillow style counterparts. It is an excellent choice for restless or back sleepers - the straps tighten well and offer support to keep their masks in place in different positions at night. 

2) Mouth breathers or nasal obstructions: Full face-style masks are an excellent choice for natural mouth breathers or those who suffer from nasal obstruction or congestion. This style of a mask allows you to get the Sleep Apnea therapy you require either breathing through your mouth or nose. This is also a great style of mask for those who suffer from cold or flu symptoms. No need to lose good sleep, when your nose is stuffed and you need it the most. 

3) Tolerable with higher CPAP pressures: Full face CPAP masks cover more of the face, therefore allowing high pressures to be more tolerable by CPAP users.  The full face mask offers more surface area for the air to move around before entering the airways making the pressure less direct and more comfortable. These masks are beneficial for restless sleepers and popular with users who like to sleep on their backs. 

4) Facial hair:  Got a beard? This style of CPAP mask is popular with users who have facial hair, specifically those who sport a full mustache or a thicker beard. Facial hair can prevent a good seal because the cushion cannot grip the face properly, resulting in leaks and a frustrated user. The full-face style fits tightly around the nasal bridge and the chin providing a better air seal. 

While there are many notable benefits of a full face-style mask, it is not for everyone. All full face masks are not made equal and manufacturers use various materials that may work for one person and not the next. Remember to do your research, ask questions and try on a sample if possible.  Spend at least as much time trying on CPAP masks as you would buying a new pair of jeans! 

Our Best Selling Full Face Masks at CPAPMachines.ca

Here are our top 3, best selling full face CPAP masks. Click on each one to see the design features of each popular full-face style and feel free to comment on your own experience and which full face mask works for you. 

AirFit F20 CPAP Mask

The ResMed AirFit F20 CPAP Mask is a full-face style mask that is considered as being the brand’s most adaptive mask styles. Offering a soft and flexible headgear frame and a reliable seal with InfinitySeal technology, this mask is ideal no matter what your preferred sleeping position is. Many CPAP users have praised this mask for its comfort, reliability and durability. 

Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

The Simplus full face CPAP mask by Fisher & Paykel offers a new convenient design that is aimed at helping you find the perfect fit. With an interchangeable cushion and a built-in air diffuser, you can rest assured knowing that you will get a restful night’s sleep when using this CPAP mask. 

ResMed Mirage Quattro Face Mask

Another best selling full-face mask is the ResMed Mirage Quattro CPAP mask. Offering streamlined design and whisper-quiet performance, this mask is easy to use and offers great comfort levels to CPAP users. With over 20 different ways to adjust forehead support, this has long been a favourite with our loyal customers. 

While they may be given a bad reputation by some, these CPAP masks are anything but effective when it comes to treating Sleep Apnea. If you are interested in purchasing a full face mask, feel free to get in touch with our CPAP equipment experts who will be happy to guide you to the mask that will suit you best.

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Sizing Guide For Select CPAP Masks

Select CPAP Masks have sizing guide to help you select a size. 

Click on the mask name below to view, print and measure with their size guide.

Other masks are packaged as fitpacks with all size cushions included and do not have size guides available. 

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