The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), an independent nonprofit organization, conducted an international poll to compare the sleeping habits of people in six different countries.

The NSF polled individuals in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom between the ages of 25 and 55 about their sleep habits. The study wasn't peer reviewed or published in a journal, but here are some interesting facts they found:

1. Less than half of the respondents in each country are sleeping well every night.

2. The United States and Japan are getting the least amount of sleep overall.

Consequently, about one-half from both countries reported at least one nap in the last two weeks.

3. About a quarter of respondents in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada never or rarely sleep well before a workday.

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The National Sleep Foundation- 2013 International Sleep Poll

The United States and Japan led the way for those who get less than six hours of sleep before a workday, and about two-thirds in Japan and half in the United States sleep less than seven hours before work.

4. In the United Kingdom almost one-third sleep naked.

While over half of the respondents in all six countries reported sleeping in pajamas, the United Kingdom seems to be a little more liberal.

5. Pillows are most important to the United States.

The United States reported the highest average number of pillows (2.2), while Japan reported the lowest (1.1).

6. Mexico leads the way in bedroom tidiness.

Mexico reported 82% make the bed every day or almost every day, and almost one-quarter reported they change the sheets more than once a week.

7. Bedroom scents are common.

About 65 to 80% of people in every country said they took steps to make sure their bedroom smelled the way they liked, except Japan, where only 28% cared enough to take any action. Regularly airing out the bedroom is important in Germany, with 96% saying they do it more than once a week.

8. A comfortable sleep surface and cozy sheets and bedding were rated the most important romantic elements in all six countries.

9. The United States' respondents were more likely to sleep with a pet.

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The National Sleep Foundation- 2013 International Bedroom Poll

Over half of respondents in Japan reported sleeping alone, while three-quarters of respondents in Canada reported sleeping with a significant other.

10. The most common activity before bed is watching TV.

At least two-thirds or more from each country reported they watch TV before bed. In Mexico 62% reported praying or meditating before bed.

11. At least one-quarter from every country thought about work-related stress in the last two weeks while lying in bed.

Almost 20% in Canada reported work-related stress plagued them every night before bed. Over half in Mexico reported thinking about personal finance stress almost every night. At least a quarter in every country reported thinking about personal life stress almost every night.

12. Over 86% in every country agreed quietness created a more relaxing sleep environment.

However, 61% in Mexico agreed that music also created a relaxing sleep environment. Music was also rated highest in Mexico as a bedroom romance element.