CPAP Mask Choices

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) masks come in many styles and sizes to comfortably treat your Apnea.  Every individual has different needs based on face shapes, facial features and sleeping positions. Choosing the right CPAP mask would be the hardest part of selecting therapy. Do your research thoroughly, ask questions and visit a local vendor to try them on. Below offers a guide for types of CPAP masks and possible benefits of each.

Nasal pillow mask (center model):
Nasal pillows sit beneath the nose to supply air pressure. Pros of a nasal pillow mask:

  • Simple, small, lightweight and unobtrusive design
  • Delivers direct pressure, good for low and moderate pressure settings
  • For clients who have a tendency to feel claustrophobic
  • Offers full field of vision for glasses, reading or watching TV

Nasal mask (left model):
The nasal cushion covers the entire nose to supply air pressure. Pros of a nasal mask:

  • Stable, small, lightweight and comfortable.
  • It offers more surface area for air to move around. A good option for moderate to high-pressure settings.
  • It offers security and flexibility if you move around a lot in your sleep.

    Full face mask (right model):
    The mask covering the nose and mouth supply air pressure. Pros of a full face mask:

    • Stable and secure mask. Covers more of the face and may have more straps. 
    • Excellent for mouth breathers. 
    • Good choice for those with nasal obstruction or congestion that makes breathing through your nose difficult.
    Sizing Guide For Select CPAP Masks

    Select CPAP Masks have sizing guide to help you select a size. 

    Click on the mask name below to view, print and measure with their size guide.

    Other masks are packaged as fitpacks with all size cushions included and do not have size guides available. 

    Nasal Masks

    Full Face Masks

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