Virus & Bacteria Filters

Philips Respironics


  • This highly in-demand item filters out 99.99+% of bacteria and viruses in the air (including Covid-19)! This inline filter can be attached to your CPAP and BiPAP machines or CPAP mask to deliver the cleanest, freshest air possible.  The filter should be replaced weekly (maximum usage 2 weeks) to minimize condensation and humidity build-up and ensure the efficiency of the filter.  The filter is disposable and should NOT be cleaned.  Filters are considered CPAP supplies and are covered by most insurance companies.

  • This filter does not affect your CPAP pressure and does not increase resistance to breathing. Attach this filter to your machine between the air outlet and your standard CPAP tubing to experience a steady flow of completely clean air. If using a heated tubing, attach this filter to your CPAP mask's short tubing or directly to the mask. Using this filter along with the machine's filter increases the defence against air pollutants. This bacteria and virus filter has a universal connection on both ends of the filter container allowing the bacteria filter to work with all brands of CPAP machines as well as all tubing and most CPAP masks.

  • Universal ends allow the filter to work with all manufacturer brands of tubing, CPAP machines and most CPAP masks.

    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): >99.99%

    Viral Filteration Efficiency (VFE): >99.99%

    Weight per filter: 43g 

    Single or multi-person use: Single-person use, disposable

    Diameter: male connector end: 15mm, female connector end, interior: 22mm

    Latex Free: does not contain latex

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