The Ultimate "AirSense 10" Starter Pack

Complete Premium Packages

  • A complete package for optimal treatment and care! Select your Auto CPAP machine, mask and your travel package. This ultimate package comes with all necessary accessories and a Lumin ultra-violet sanitizing device to ensure your CPAP equipment is in tip-top shape.

  • The Ultimate Starter Pack includes:

    • An Auto CPAP machine (has both fixed pressure and auto functions)
    •One (1) CPAP mask 
    •One (1) durable travel bag with built-in compartments
    •One (1) standard regular tubing
    •One (1) heated tubing
    •One (1) spare water chamber
    •One (1) Lumin Ultra-Violet Light CPAP & Personal Sanitizer 
    •Select optional AirMini, setup pack & mask 
    •Two (2) containers of CPAP mask cleansing wipes
    •Six (6) extra filters compatible for the selected machine

    Email your prescription to with your order number.

    The Lumin is not an ozone sanitizing device and will not affect your machine's warranty. Review Resmed's new warranty on their products & the use of ozone cleaners by clicking this link.

  • Need some guidance? Watch this similar unboxing video. Note this video portrays a SoClean, while this item lists a Lumin CPAP & Personal Sanitizer. 

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