O2 Curve - Personal Anti-Pollution Filtration Mask

O2 Canada

Curve 1.2


  • This is a NON-CPAP wearable mask. O2 Canada believes people should have access to fresh air, even in the worst of conditions. A successor to the N95 mask, this O2 Curve mask is personal breathing apparatus for better respiratory performance for daily use. It is a reusable anti-pollution filtration mask that substantially increase your breathing air quality when worn.  The O2 Curve 1.2 comes equipped with comfortable, easy to use straps. The strap features ultra soft ear loops and a magnetic clip for minimal hair disruption while in use. Wear it daily, during your commute or during outdoor activities.

  • The O2 Curve personal breathing mask features:

    · Updated adjustable straps for simple usability

    · Ultra soft silicone ear loops fro zero hair disruption

    · Adjustable Neck strap with magnetic clip

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