Swift™ FX Bella Grey Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask (Fitpack)




  • Small, light and ultra-comfortable, the Swift™ FX Bella Gray nasal pillow CPAP mask fits and performs like a dream!  Super-soft designed to leave no marks on your face, it’s the ultimate in comfort while you sleep.  So lightweight and small, you can barely tell you’re wearing it! 

    Swift™ FX Bella grey CPAP mask comes in a fit pack with all size cushions: small, medium and large cushions. 

  • Featuring a minimal design that reinforces a sense of freedom, the Swift™ FX Bella offers your female patients more choices when it comes to customized fit and personal comfort, so she can look and feel more like herself.

  • Swift™ FX Bella Grey Nasal Pillow Mask Features:

    Freedom. The Bella Grey’s ultra-soft Bella loops accessory easily adjust to achieve the perfect fit in a snap. It’s also secure enough to let you switch positions while sleeping.

    Flexibility. The mask connects to the air tube with a flexible rotating joint, so you can move around in bed with ease.

    Style. Designed to complement your personal sense of style, the Bella Gray looks as good as it feels.

    Choice. You have the option of Swift™ FX headgear or exclusive Bella loops, for a variety of different ways to wear your mask depending on your own personal style and preference.

    Simplicity. The Bella’s loops wrap easily over your ears. It’s simple to pop on at night and off in the morning without any hassles.

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