Swift™ FX Nano for Her CPAP Mask



  • Designed exclusively for women, Resmed Swift FX Nano for her gives you reliable nighttime therapy with unmatched comfort and fit.  The soft headgear is comfortable and accommodates any hairstyle – short or long, while the redesigned nasal cushion now comes with a ball joint elbow that moves with you while you sleep and whisper-quiet vents that won’t wake you up.  The low-profile design allows you to wear glasses or watch TV without obstruction while whisper-quiet vents maintaining a comfortable seal.

  • Swift™ FX Nano for her features minimal headgear that doesn’t require a rigid frame or forehead support, and it also comes with a low-profile nasal cushion that provides natural breathing comfort. It has a new ball joint elbow that moves with you while you sleep, plus the SoftEdge™ fabric back strap is soft and comfortable with simple-to-use fasteners for easy adjustment.

    Designed exclusively for women Swift™ FX Nano for her provides you with the same benefits as Swift™ FX Nano but features a specially designed cushion and headgear that have been optimized to offer a fit range tailored for women.

  • Swift™ FX Nano For Her Nasal Mask Features:

    • The Swift™ FX Nano for her has no rigid frames, delivering sleep apnea therapy in a soft, comfortable package.

    • This CPAP mask is so small and unobtrusive, you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing it.

    • The Swift™ FX Nano for her sports a scaled-down size, without sacrificing the effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy.

    • The air you breathe out is quietly released away from you and your partner.

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