Slumberbump™ - NEW!




  • Slumberbump™ is a non-medicated, all-natural solution to help you sleep comfortably on your side to minimize snoring. By sleeping on your side it allows your jaw to rest in a comfortable position that naturally keeps your airway open and clear all night - helping you stop snoring.​

  • It is a clinically proven, effective, simple solution to the complex problem of snoring that has plagued millions of people and prevented them from getting a restful night’s sleep. The way it works is by preventing you from sleeping on your back and forcing you to sleep on your side and when you do this, it helps prevent the collapsing of the airway which contributes to snoring.

    Using a positional based sleep device, such as Slumberbump, can also be a great compliment to CPAP therapy for snoring. Because of it’s light, comfortable and simplistic design it makes patients more compliant when it comes to treating sleep disorders.

  • Features of Slumberbump:

    • Breathable mesh belt for all-night comfort

    • Anti-microbial fabric to eliminate odors

    • Air bladder for easy storage and travel

    • Attractive design, non-medical look

    • Extension belt for plus sizes

    • Effective wedge shape design

    • Durable & washable materials

    • Non-snag zippers

    • Side elastic for comfortable breathing

    • Affordable and effective compliment to CPAP

    • Comfortable, no rub edging Non-slip grip strip

    • Velcro strapping

    • Sturdy, Ripstop Nylon Construction

    • 1 Year Limited warranty

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