REMstar SE CPAP Machine with Humidifier - ON CLEARANCE!




  • Jammed with high-tech features, the System One RemStar SE CPAP machine with humidifier doesn’t just deliver top results, reliability and comfort.  With its Flex technology, Ramp technology and data storage capabilities, you can rest assured that you’ll get a perfect night’s sleep – every time – catered to your specific therapeutic needs.This Remstar SE is a basic single fixed pressure CPAP unit.  Note: This clearance item is discontinued, there will be no exchanges or refunds for this purchase. 

  • Flex Technology

    The System One REMstar SE machine is equipped with special Flex technology which helps promote optimal therapy. Flex monitors your breathing pattern – specifically noting your most recent 5 breaths – and then adjusts pressure based on your particular set of breaths. Flex comes with a variety of pressure settings to help patients achieve the best results.

    Attached Heated Humidifier

    The attached humidifier for the REMstar SE is a high performance device which will eliminate the nasty side effects which sometimes accompany CPAP therapy, such as nasal congestion, dryness, sore throat and irritation. The humidifier will moisten the air and ensure that your airways are protected from these negative consequences.

    Easy Data Storage

    The REMstar SE also has superior data management capabilities. With the REMstar SE, you can track all of your vital therapy information – i.e. breathing habits, humidity settings, pressure levels, etc. – and share them easily with your physician with your portable SD card. The REMstar SE can track up to six months of data.

    Smart Design

    Lightweight and compact, the REMstar SE is a highly portable, travel friendly device which won’t cause issues on business trips or vacations. What’s more, it’s an exceptionally quiet machine and has almost zero risk of producing disturbances during sleep. What’s more, the REMstar SE is equipped with Ramp technology which enables patients to drift off to sleep more naturally: the Ramp feature steadily raises pressure during the first forty-five minutes of therapy until full pressure is reached. This gradual pressure increase allows patients to drift off to sleep comfortably.

  • Remstar SE with humidifier features:

    • Data card allows information to be shared quickly and easily

    • Comes with humidifier

    • Lightweight and compact

    • Exceptionally quiet

    • Ramp technology

    • Flex technologies

    • Highly portable

    • Travel friendly

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